Knee Arthroscopy

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What is Knee Arthroscopy?

Knee arthroscopy is a surgery that uses a tiny camera to look inside your knee from a small incision. It allows doctors to view and repair knee issues like a torn meniscus, broken cartilage, or Baker’s cyst.

Dr. Martin specializes in treating conditions affecting the knee, among other joints. He can diagnose your knee condition and provide a variety of treatment options including Knee Arthroscopy.

Martin Orthopedic and Wellness Knee Arthroscopy

Our Approach to Healing

Dr. Martin believes in a comprehensive approach to managing orthopedic care. It’s important to know the symptoms, form a proper diagnosis, formulate treatment options and provide ongoing care to help our patients reach optimal health.

You may experience general pain and tenderness in the knee, stiffness or swelling, and difficulty bending, straightening, or moving the knee.

  • A popping sensation or crunching or clicking feeling
  • A cyst that causes discomfort
  • Pain when twisting or rotating your knee

The earlier a diagnosis for knee issues, the better the outcomes for joint pain, ability to perform activities, and overall quality of life.

  • Physical exam
  • X-rays or ultrasound
  • Specific mobility and push-pull tests

Treatments for knee conditions like a torn meniscus, broken cartilage, or Baker’s cyst should begin as early as possible under a doctor's direction.

  • Non-surgical treatments
  • Surgery (Knee Arthroscopy)
  • Physical Therapy, Exercise

Self-care and lifestyle changes can help support a treatment plan for knee conditions.

  • Strengthen the muscles that support and stabilize your knee.
  • Work up slowly to more intense exercise activity.
  • Cold therapy and elevation when resting.

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