Carpal Tunnel Release

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carpal tunnel syndrome

What is Carpal Tunnel?

A common neurological condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome develops when the median nerve, which travels from your forearm into the palm of your hand, is pinched or compressed at the wrist.

As an Orthopedic Specialist, Dr. Martin can diagnose your condition and provide a variety of treatment options including Carpal Tunnel Release. Our goal is to get you back to good health.

Martin Orthopedic and Wellness Carpal Tunnel Release

Our Approach to Healing

Dr. Martin believes in a comprehensive approach to managing orthopedic care. It’s important to know the symptoms, form a proper diagnosis, formulate treatment options and provide ongoing care to help our patients reach optimal health.

You may feel numbness, weakness, pain in your hand and wrist, and your fingers may become swollen and useless. You might wake up and feel you need to “shake out” your hand or wrist.

  • Numbness, particularly at night with pain
    Some loss of movement in the hand and hand weakness
  • A tingling sensation or pain in the fingers
  • Weakened grip and pinch
  • Frequently drop things

Early diagnosis and treatment are important to avoid permanent damage to the median nerve.

  • Physical Exam
  • Routine lab tests and X-rays
  • Specific Wrist Tests and Diagnostic Imaging
  • Electromyogram and nerve conduction studies

Treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome should begin as early as possible under a doctor's direction.

  • Non-surgical treatments
  • Surgery (Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release)
  • Exercise / Physical Therapy
  • Injections

Self-care and lifestyle changes can help support a treatment plan for carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Take precautions to limit movement while you sleep
  • Routine lab tests and X-rays
  • Stretching exercise and follow up therapy
  • Take breaks and correct wrist positioning

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